Skateboarding across the world and through life. Open Source everything.

I travel as a digital nomad, writing about the sick skaters and scenes I come across and currently building websites. *Before you ask how I can afford to do this, answer is I can’t, but I’m going down fucking shredding.

To follow my travels across the States on my board (yes, just a normal 8.5 Antihero/Grimplestix deck…yes, just normal 54mm Spitfire wheels) I write about that here at Nomad Skateboarding.

To contact about building a website or guidance on how to do it yourself without paying big corps and giving up control send me an email here.

*I don’t charge for anything. I run on a pay want you want/can model. If you don’t have a dime at all I want to work with you even more. No BS. It’s what I have to offer the community that gave me part of my soul for past 40 years.

Other Projects

Nomad Skateboarding is a community being built by skateboarders to support skateboarders. If you’ve ever thought the only way to make a living in skating is to be a pro, or if you’re a pro wanting to make a living, Nomad Skateboarding’s mission statement is to help you do that.

*We also have an online shop that doesn’t sell anything. It’s a directory of all the good people involved in skating: their skateshops, parks, DIY’s, music and art. Visit nomad Skateboarding to join, follow along, or add your business/website.

Core Skateboard is a free and secure job board for skateboarders. Post a job opening or post an online resume just by creating a secure account on the site. *site build in progress

How To Skateboard for Beginners is exactly as the name implies. I saw the domain name for sale and bought it just so it didn’t fall to Braille hands where they monetize learning. *site build in progress

If you want to help in any or all aspects, sharing content, writing, web design, reach out. We’re all in this together, let’s continue to speak our voices.

#SkatersTogether #fuckhate

51mph Hill Bomb | Antihero 8.5 3rd Quarter Deck | Spitfire Formula Fours 54mm | Thunder 149